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Why Choose Wiser Bites Workshop

  • Small class sizes!
  • Great content!
  • A copy of course notes!
  • Free, expert advice!


What is ‘Wiser Bites?’

‘Wiser Bites’ are small group nutrition workshops. Classes are deliberately designed as small-sized workshops so you get maximum opportunity to participate and ask questions. Each workshop focuses on a topic or a theme ingredient, providing in-depth information, nutritional and health benefits, information on labelling and food claims, as well as taste-testing recipe ideas. Participants often say the workshops motivate them to prepare simple, healthy, delicious meals and snacks. Classes include recipes from a range of cuisines – Mediterranean, Asian, Vegetarian as well as Contemporary.


Why was ‘Wiser Bites’ Created?

Wiser Bites was created to:-

  • Expand your knowledge of nutrition
  • Help you discover the health benefits of simple, wholesome foods
  • Simplify food labels and food claims to help you shop
  • Give you an opportunity to try new foods
  • Increase your confidence to try new foods and
  • Give’s you ideas on ways to prepare healthy foods


Who is ‘Wiser Bites’ for?

If you have a desire to expand your knowledge of nutrition, increase your repertoire of healthy meals and have your nutrition questions addressed by a qualified Dietitian, then ‘Wiser Bites’ is for you!


When are ‘Wiser Bites’ workshops held?

Workshops are held on the first Tuesday of every month, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.


What attendees have said about the workshops

” Knowledge of presenter: Excellent! “

” Incredible amount of relevant information
that has provided me with knowledge that I can apply in my personal life. “

” Thoroughly enjoyed. In-depth info and very insightful.
Thank you. Tasting is fabulous! “

” Big eye-opener … customers aren’t informed enough. Great session.”

” Well worth evening.”

” Loved the suggestions for school lunch boxes.”

” Got a lot from the session … great to get a few recipes too .. very clear presentation! “

” Thank you very much. I have lots more ideas of ways to add more variety … very enjoyable. “

” Deeper understanding about chocolate, great awareness and interesting conversation.
Great atmosphere and lovely warm friendships. “

” I am learning so much about making simple changes to my family’s diet.
Each time I come to a session, I take home some easy changes to improve our eating habits. “

” I learnt a lot this evening! Thank you! “

” Great practical ideas! “

” I love the fact that I always am introduced to a healthy food which I would never have tried. “

” Reassuring and educational. “

” I felt that you had a great way of simplifying it. “

” I look forward to your next informative session! Thanks! “

” Great value! “

What topics are scheduled for 2021?

There is an exciting line up of workshops planned for after the pandemic – watch this space!



Discover how wiser bites
can give you the health you deserve!


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please email your name and surname to

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