Do you find yourself saying:

” I wish I could stop overthinking everything I eat”

” I just want the binge eating to end “

” I can’t feel good about myself “

” I can’t stop feeling guilty for eating foods
that I know I shouldn’t be eating”

” There must be an easier way than going on endless diets”

How many times have you been told “it’s all about calories in, calories out.” How many times have you used this logic and it has failed? Are you done with torturing your body with counting calories, substituting meals with shakes and bars, or eating ‘superfoods’ … when you just yearn for food?

Hi, I’m Josephine Mollica. Fundamentally I am a Dietitian and a Nutritionist but essentially I am an Eating Coach. I help people write the next chapter in the story of their relationship with food, their body and their happiness, so they can reach their full potential.

I’m also a foodie. I love checking out a new local restaurant from time to time. I also like to dabble in the kitchen and regularly try a new recipe – the simpler the better! I try and spend as much time as possible outdoors. On a weekly basis, I go for a walk on one of the many tracks along the Northern Beaches or through the Garigal and Ku-ring-gai National Parks.

In my private practice, I come across many people who have been on a long-term yo-yo dieting roller coaster. The many programs, meal plans and shakes they have tried has created doubt for their body’s inner wisdom, fueled their preoccupation with food and heightened their anxiety about their weight. I see many who are disheartened and discouraged from their attempts at dieting, yet desperate for a diet that won’t fail them.  They put pressure on themselves based on their ideals around particular foods and ways of eating, the shape and size of their body, and their notion of health. Weight concerns exacerbates disordered eating and the disordered eating adds to body dissatisfaction.

At Eatwiser, a ‘non-diet’ approach is used, which focuses on helping people to discover how to eat intuitively, confidently and with enjoyment so, unlike with fad diets, helps you to ditch dieting, improve body image and achieve the long-term health and well-being you’re after.

Many also come for help with health concerns such as heart health, diabetes or digestive issues. You can read more on the Eat To Treat page.

What’s the best way forward? It’s time to do away with hoping the next diet will work. It’s time to do away with the false fad diets and other weight-centered eating plans.

I help you:

  • explore your habits and behaviours around food
  • move from a place where food is in control of you, to you being in control of food
  • remove self-imposed food rules and restrictions and become flexible about food
  • get clarity from the confusing and misleading messages you may have about food and nutrition
  • help you achieve personalised nourishment, satisfaction and enjoyment of food
  • regain your positive relationship with food
  • develop a relationship with movement which focuses on enjoyment, purpose and what fits in with your own life’s demands
  • support you on your journey of self-care and body acceptance
  • re-establish trust in your body

At Eatwiser, you will never count calories, weigh food or avoid foods you love. No need for special foods, shakes or a specific meal plan. At Eatwiser, we constantly see how small changes to eating behaviours can have a huge impact on many areas of people’s lives. Are you ready to write the next chapter in the story of your relationship with food and reach your full potential?

Find out what it feels like to starve the dieting messages in your head, and nourish your body!

Call on 9452 3536 or use the button below to book your appointment.

Let me Help You!

Josephine is available to speak to your school or community group on a variety of nutrition and wellness related topics. Enquire now.

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